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Do you need to deliver cargo ?

Kutter LTD proposes high-quality services on all types of traffic including multimodal one!

Our enterprise performs the freight traffic and carries out the forwarding activity since May 1999. When carrying out the traffic the primary task is the timely delivery and providing the maximal service to a client while keeping competitive prices for services.

Work experience, skill of employees, reliable partners, modern rolling stock allow to provide within the optimal time export or import from any country of the world «from the doors» of the forwarder «to the doors» of the receiver. At the same time together with the partners we’ll provide, if necessary, your goods with the necessary document and service accompaniment (packaging, labeling, palletization, execution of documents, performance of the export procedure, consolidating at interim warehouses batches of freight from different consignors in the right number and in right time, etc.).

Do you need to repair a car, microbus, low-tonnage truck?

We invite you to us to Kutter service station!

The experienced personnel will perform quickly, with high quality and with a warranty the diagnostics, maintenance and repair of your transport.

We are always ready to answer to the questions you are interested in. In order to receive a more specific information contact us or send the request to us please. In order to receive a more specific information contact us or send the request to us please.