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Air transportation

The air transportation provides the quickest and most convenient way of delivery of your freights. The advantages of the air transportation are the transportation speed, wide geography of deliveries, high reliability of freight delivery, permanent control of freight movement. Kutter LTD can provide the air delivery of goods practically from any point of the world, freight export practically to any country of the world, freight delivery to a convenient airport, freight transportation under the customs control. For convenience of clients we perform carrying by motor transport. We transport the general cargo.

Additional services

  • Consultation of the forwarder of the possibility of transport of freight, development of the optimal traffic road.
  • Different ways of delivery (from the airport of sending to the airport of destination, «from the doors» of the forwarder «to the doors» of the receiver, «from the doors» of the forwarder to the airport of destination, from the airport of sending «to the doors» of the receiver).
  • Warehousing and consolidation.
  • Packaging, labeling and handling operations.
  • Freight insurance.
  • Freight monitoring during transportation, delivery control, informing of the forwarder and receiver.

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