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Traffic in Belarus

Kutter LTD carries out permanently the freight traffic on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The modern rolling stock of various volume and carrying capacity, flexible tariffs allow us to provide competitive prices and satisfy any requests of clients. The discount system is used for permanent clients. We’ll provide the prompt and safe delivery of your freight, quick delivery of transport to the loading place.

We carry out the traffic of both complete and general cargo.

In the course of delivery your cargo is insured from possible risks because the insurance of liability of the cargo carrier is drawn up for all shipping operations.

The specialists of our company will consult on all matters of transportation of your cargo, help to solve the most nonstandard tasks connected with the delivery, as well as to select the suitable transport. The contractor’s agreement of transport is also possible for a definite time for performing works which require the permanent availability of motor vehicles, or for transportation of large-volume cargoes.

In order to receive a more specific information contact us or send the request to us please.